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Blether is brought to you by Charlotte, who is passionate about helping small creative businesses in Glasgow boost their brand online.


Blether is brought to you by Charlotte

charlotte dougall

Hi! I'm Charlotte. I'm an avid writer and digital enthusiast who loves food, travel and tech. Having pretty much grown up online, I'm well versed in the ways of the internet.

Over the past six years, I’ve completed qualifications in Advertising and Public Relations, as well as a BA in Marketing and I’m now working towards my MSc in Digital Marketing.

Digital is my main love interest, but I've got plenty of experience in the world of traditional marketing, too. I’ve worked with clients of all sizes to create an engaging online presence that resonates with their ideal audience.

I'm passionate about helping small businesses tell their story to the world, be that online or offline. Having experienced the power of social media first hand, I want to help brands harness that and bring their business to life.

I can work alongside your brand to help you do big things online, no matter what size your business may be. I can teach you where to focus your energy online, build a bespoke website for your business, craft compelling copy for your marketing materials (online and offline) or take the reins and run your digital marketing efforts for you.

Offline, you'll mostly find me reading or eating. I'm a bit of a foodie, so as well as writing wonderful words I can also provide you with some fantastic restaurant recommendations or recipes. When the opportunity arises, I love to travel and see more of the world, as well as being a keen photographer. I have a lifestyle blog, By Charlotte Ann, where I share some of my favourite finds or general thoughts on self employed life when I have the time!

Are you ready to take control of your online presence?