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My Summer Reading List

I’m a bit of a bookworm, and tend to spend most of my evenings reading to unwind. These days, I’ve had a bit less time to read, as I’ve been balancing my work with the final few weeks of my HND alongside some family health issues, but now that the term has come to an end I’m finding myself with more time to get stuck into a book.

Summer is always my peak reading time, particularly when the weather’s nice, and after putting together a similar post over on the Add Jam blog I thought I’d share some of the books with a business-leaning that I plan on reading over the next couple of months.

books for female freelancers

The Multi-Hyphen Method

I’m currently reading The Multi-Hyphen Method by Emma Gannon, and whilst I didn’t enjoy her first book, Ctrl Alt Delete, I am finding this one to be a lot more up my street. The Multi-Hyphen Method is all about defining your own career in this new digital age, looking at the concept of being a “slashie” and the world of the side hustle. I’m only about halfway through at the moment, but I’m really enjoying this curated look at multi-passionate life, underpinned by the understanding that you don’t need to have one main income source. It sums up the stage I’m currently sitting at in my working life, and I’ve found it to be packed full of good advice and inspiring anecdotes from those who are also pursuing a multi-hyphen career.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How To Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook has been on my to-read list for well over a year now, and I think this summer will be the moment that I finally sit down and read it. Gary Vaynerchuck is an interesting character and seems to have a lot of useful thoughts and advice regarding the world of social media marketing. 

Playing Big

I’ve heard Tara Mohr interviewed on a few podcasts recently which, alongside countless recommendations, has brought her book to my attention. Tara is an expert in leadership who looks at empowering women to utilise their talents and “play big”. Part of me thinks this sounds a bit wishy-washy, but part of me thinks it might be the kick up the butt my imposter syndrome needs.

All Marketers are Liars

I love the storytelling side of marketing, and it’s something I want to explore more over the next few months before I move to the next stage of my education. Stories sell, and a successful marketer is a successful storyteller. I think this will be a great read!

Do Story: How to Tell Your Story So the World Listens

This ties into the previous choice by Seth Godin and offers practical tools and principles to develop storytelling skills. There are a lot of the “Do Books” that I want to read soon, but this is top of the list. I love writing and think that writing regularly helps me craft my skills, but I’m intrigued to see if this can offer any further advice.

Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces That Shape Behaviour

I very much enjoy learning about the consumer behaviour side of marketing, particularly that of social influence and how our behaviours are manipulated by those around us. I’ve read Berger’s “Contagious” before, which I really enjoyed, so I think this will be a great look at what influences our day-to-day decisions.

Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World

Whilst I can’t say I’ve got a multi-million-pound startup idea at my sleeve, I still love reading about the journeys of those who do. I’ve been following Rand Fishkin’s journey for a while now and think that he’s made some pretty interesting moves, whilst also creating innovative products, so his book is high on my to-read list at the moment. 

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