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4 Podcasts for Productivity

Listening to a podcast on the bus in the morning has become part of my daily routine, as I love nothing more than a good dose of inspiration to get my day started. I have mixed tastes when it comes to pretty much everything in life, from music to books and films, with podcasts being no different. I’m partial to a good conspiracy theory, and love listening to people discuss the future of blogging, but in the morning, I really enjoy podcasts focusing on productivity, work-life balance and being a creative entrepreneur. I have a fair few of these in my subscription box, but I thought I’d share four of my current favourites and recent discoveries for you to enjoy.


How to Curate Your Life – Work-Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur

After 10 years as a creative, Lizzie Evans has launched her very own podcast covering all things entrepreneurial. This podcast celebrates those who have used their own determination to put together inspirational businesses from magazines to blogs and bicycle companies, too. It’s all about thinking long-term, putting yourself at the forefront and finding that ever-elusive “work-life balance”.

The One Girl Band Podcast

If you fancy something short and sweet, this is the one for you. With an average episode length of 15 minutes, The One Girl Band Podcast is brilliant for bite-sized chunks of inspiration when you need it most. Created to empower, inspire and support creatives, it’s a must listen if you need a quick jolt of confidence. Covering topics such as overcoming self-doubt, setting goals and finding your ideal community, this is a brilliant resource for small business owners.


Being Boss: Mindset, Habits, Tactics and Lifestyle for Creatives

Success has different definitions for different people, and Being Boss combines a mix of mindset, habits, tools, routines and tactics with that ever-so-popular hustle to help you create your perfect blend. On Being Boss, you can expect to hear about everything from time management, burnout, pricing and self-care with a mix of episodes ranging from 5 minutes to an hour.

She Means Business

This podcast brings together the stories of inspiring female entrepreneurs around the world in one handy place. Brought to you by Carrie Green, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, the She Means Business podcast has the perfect mix of real-life stories, inspiration and practical tools for running your own business.

At the moment, I’m evidently drawn to more female-led podcasts, but I’m always looking for some more inspiration. Other podcasts I enjoy include Gary Vaynerchuk’s The Gary Vee Audio Experience, Virgin Media’s VOOM Podcast and the TED Radio Hour, all of which bring a selection of incredible stories to my phone each morning. They certainly make a rainy bus journey through Glasgow a bit more bearable! Who graces your podcast playlist in the morning? I’d love to hear about your favourites, too.