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Why You Need to Be on Social Media

Nowadays, you cannot escape the tidal wave that is social media. Everyone and their gran is using platforms like Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with their nearest and dearest, but why is it useful for businesses like yours? There are over 3 billion active internet users across the globe, and at least 2 billion of them are using social media regularly. Having a social media presence is free, for the most part, and can be incredibly valuable for small businesses in many ways.


Communication is at the heart of social media, and given that “social” is in the name this should be obvious. Social media creates a platform for two-way communication between your business and your customers, helping you to build vital relationships with those who really matter. Happy customers are loyal customers, and loyal customers tend to be more engaged with your business. Add a personal touch to your brand and connect with your customers wherever they may be with the help of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Not only can social media help you nurture relationships with your existing clients, you can also use the ever-growing platforms to find new customers. There are currently over 2 billion people using social media around the world, and that’s a huge market of potential customers for your business. Whilst your business may not be relevant for all of them, it most likely will be of interest to many social media users. You can use your social media presence to build awareness for your business, opening your products or services to a whole host of potential customers. By establishing yourself in the growing world of social media you can help your customers find your business with ease.

Now that you have this huge potential audience, wouldn’t it be wonderful to read their minds and see what exactly they want from you? Whilst social media doesn’t quite allow you to peer deep into your customer’s thoughts (yet) it does provide a whole host of valuable insights into how your customers engage with your business. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest all come with inbuilt analytics functions that allow you to see exactly what makes your customers tick, what they’re interested in and how they found you in the first place. This information can go a long way for planning for the future, and by staying in touch with your customer’s needs you can ensure you’re providing what they need when they need it.

At the end of the day, social media is a fantastic platform for promoting your business - be that pushing traffic to your website, encouraging customers to sign up to your e-mail list or persuading them to visit you in-store. You can share content in a matter of minutes, and using social media to promote what you do is the perfect way to get your small business seen.

So, are you convinced? See how I can help you with your social media.