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Running a small business is tough. Chances are, you’re doing the job of five people with the time of one. Marketing is a crucial part of growing your small business, but good marketing takes time and money. Sure, Google can teach you most of what you need to know, but with so much noise out there how do you know what’s relevant for you?

I offer the option to book in for ad-hoc consultancy hours where I can assist with any of your digital marketing challenges on an hourly basis. We can set up a monthly retainer to work on a project of your choosing for a set number of ours, or you can simply use the time to pick the brain of a digital marketer in order to better understand your own marketing efforts.

Consultancy hours can also be combined with strategy sessions to create an effective marketing blueprint for your business. If you’d like to book in for one-off or ongoing consultancy hours please get in touch.

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