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 Digital Marketing Training

digital marketing training in glasgow

Are you looking to learn more about how digital marketing can transform your business? Book in for a training session and boost your marketing know-how with a bespoke training programme, tailored to you and your business.

Training can be delivered on a one-to-one basis or in small groups of up to four people. Prices start from £47 for a one hour one-to-one session or £75 per hour for 2-4 people. I offer in-person training in Glasgow and the surrounding areas, or I can deliver training over Skype.

Each and every training session is customised to cover exactly what you want to focus on most. Available training topics include: content creation, social media strategy, establishing tone of voice, understanding your audience, creating killer content, defining your niche, choosing digital marketing platform, understanding analytics and more. We can look at top tips for using specific platforms, building and managing a website, utilising email marketing and building a brand.

I can help you get to grips with a combination of topics, and can come up with a tailored training plan across multiple sessions too.



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