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000: Welcome to Investigating Influence

Introducing Investigating Influence.

More about me, Charlotte, and find out exactly why I wanted to start this podcast.

I’m Charlotte. I’m a freelance copywriter and digital marketer who is currently working towards a masters in digital marketing. I’ve been blogging since my early teens, and my blog By Charlotte Ann has been around since 2010. It used to be called Colours & Carousels before I rebranded at the start of 2019.

I used to run a project called Blog & Beyond, where I took everything I’d learned from my years as a blogger and my professional and academic experiences in digital marketing and created resources and workshops for other bloggers who wanted to take their own blogs up a level. That lasted just under two years before I burnt myself out in a big way and decided to call it a day.

One of the reasons I called it quits with Blog & Beyond was my own disenchantment with the current “state” of blogging.

Investigating Influence is a passion project of mine, focused on showcasing the good, bad and ugly sides of influencer marketing. I want to shine a light on what’s good about the blogosphere, and examples of it being used well. I want to share the people I think are worth shouting about and the campaigns I love.

At the same time, I want to draw attention to where we can do better. There are a lot of shitty influencers out there, the ones buying followers and never declaring their ads. I think there are a lot of things that need to change about the world of “influencing” (ironically I hate the term influencer) and I’ll talk about that a lot too.

This podcast is not going to be about top tips for beating the instagram algorithm or becoming a blogging boss. It’s not that kind of podcast. There are podcasts like that out there if you want to listen to them, but I’d take them all with a pinch of salt.

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Charlotte Dougall